Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dorcas 2011


1)   YOYO Crosses (Hand Sewing)
2)   Pillows for Elderly for 4th of July 2011
3)   Salvation Brackets
4)   Cards for the Elderly
5)   Wheel Chair Walker Hangers*
6)   Small Nursing Home Tote Bags
7)   Layette Bags for Alternatives (cutting only)
8)   Julian Oaks Demin Purses for Christmas Camp *
9)   Demin Quilt we need people to cut to cut (8X8 Squares) Julian Oaks Christmas Camp
10)         4 Julian Oaks boys quilts to piece and put together*
11)         Booties for Russia
12)         Flannel Baby Quilts for Russia*
13)         Organizing Fabric
14)         Julian Oaks Caps for Junior High Camp Due in July 2011*
15)         Organizing of Fabric
16)         Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique Items all due in October 2011:
i)      Christmas Aprons, Potholders and Mitts*
ii)   Christmas Story Book*
iii) Christmas Vest*
iv) Christmas Garland (simple tying project)
v)   Men’s Fishing Quilt*
vi) Baby Quilts* (3)
vii)    Scarecrow*
viii) Farmer’s Quilt*
ix) Christmas Quilts (2)
x)   Demin Purses*
xi) Always looking for handmade items for Tabitha’s Treasures

Remember to pass the word that we always need help. Everyone can help with Dorcas Circle. All skill levels needed. Some of our sewing projects can be complex while other projects as amazingly simple.

Dorcas Circle can be a place to relax and fellowship; or it can be a wonderful way to learn a new skill.

*Sewing Experience Required

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