Friday, January 14, 2011

Gathering on January 13 Thursday 1-5PM

Hi Ladies,

Thanks so much for showing up on Thursday. I am really enjoying our daytime hours.
We had some first timers come who included:
and Marlitt's daughter-inlaw.
Welcome Ladies!!!!!
A special thanks to:

  • Bonnie cutting tote bags
  • Willa sewing wheel chair walking hangers
  • Linda sewing wheel chair walking hangers
  • Marlitt's daughter in law sewing wheel chair walking hangers
  • Tiffany Tote Bags
  • Marlitt JOY Hats
  • Sister Missionaries JOY Hats
  • Yolanda Russia Baby Blanket
  • Margaret Wrapping Christmas Gifts and making JOY hats look nice
  • Leslie Cut out more Joy Caps
  • Cynthia cutting out more Joy caps
  • Tiffany sewing an alternative tote bag start to finish and had not touched a sewing machine in 3 years
  • Memri running home to get her machine but had a family emergency; keep her up in prayer as she is there to meet those needs.
Thanks for your patience and also allowing me to serve you at Dorcas by letting me handle the sewing machine issues. I know it can be frustrating when the machines have a mind of their own.

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