Monday, April 25, 2011

Count Down to Tabitha's Treasures

  • Willa learned to put binding on a quilt that will be sold at the boutique
  • Linda made a walker hanger to be sold at the boutique and she cut out an apron and pricing jewelery she also made a baby quilt.
  • Our Mormon missionaries stopped by. I have missed them so much and they were here only a 1/2 hour but I put them to use cutting
  • Lastly, our biggest blessing, was Hilda. She spent all week using her jewelry making skills to produce beautiful necklaces. She is in the processing of making a 4th of July Vest and Chair Holder.
  • Bonnie stayed home. She needed time to finish the purses with the zipper and lining. Bonnie and I took a class to help us put in zippers.
Just to let you ladies know after the boutique is done we really need help cutting out layette set bags for Alternatives. We have TONS of fabric for these purses but need our cutters.

Bonnie and I went to Quilter's Paradise and got some beautiful fabric of all kinds. Lots of projects will be made with this fabric. Quilter's Paradise also sold us batting and gave us the Charity price. We are set with batting for a very long time. This was a hugh blessing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quilters Paradise does it again

TONS of beautiful fabric for free. We went nuts. Also this is beyond all expectations we got batting that is worth $10.00 a yard for only $2.50  a yard. Quilters Paradise gives charities a break! This is beyond a bargain. We then went to our sewing class to put a zipper in a purse. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to get it figured out but.... we did learn alot from the teacher. Lord willing, we will get these bags done in time for the boutique. This Thursday our focus is mainly on the Boutique!  I highly recommend you support their business see link below

PS: After the boutique is done with we really need ladies to rotary cut the bags. We have so many bags awaiting for cutting.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dorcas Circle April 14th Gathering

A special thanks to:
  • Hilda who completed the scarecrow. It is soooo cute. She really put a lot of work. This will make a great boutique item.  Thank you Hilda. 
  • Linda finished the Barnyard quilt! It came out awesome Thanks Linda. The Barnyard Quilt and scarecrow look so cool together.
  • Marlitt came in from Peru and made a bunch of potpourri bags. She did a great job
  • Monica came and is working on a denim purse. This is all a new experience for her as well.
  • Linda and Monica's girls completed 4 neck lasses to sell at the boutique.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Bonnie and I just turned in all the cans and bottles and got $102.00 to give to the Dorcas Circle account. Thanks to all of you and a special thanks to Bonnie who help me bring the cans over. It is a dirty job but must get done.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 7th Dorcas Circle

Ok, I hope you guys do not get upset but..... I reorganized the Dorcas Room again. The quilting table still has it draws remaining the same. I added a desk so Cynthia could sit on it. It will make more sense when you come here.

A few ladies came but Dorcas was blessed as usual:
  • Hilda is doing a Sewed Scarecrow wall hanging(it is from a kit) we all do not like doing kits.  Hilda stood up to the plate and took this project on. THANKS Hilda!
  • Willa did more pretty little bags and had fun making them.
  • Linda has been a super blessing. She has donated so much beads to make jewelry. We are so excited about that. The campers will have a new craft and the children that come to Dorcas Circle can do beading. In turn we will give neck lasses to the elderly and to High School Winter camps! Thanks LINDA!
  • Monica is making a denim purse and learning a new skill.
  • Monica's three daughters learned how to bead through Linda. I was greatly impressed how these 3 young ladies did. It also help us out to estimate how long a camper will take to make a beaded neck lass.
  • Linda also is doing the hand-sewing of the Barnyard Quilt.
The following week Bonnie and I will be at Quilters Paradise getting all these FREE fabric. We are very excited! As a result of that we will probably need help with organizing all this new fabric. Then the week after we need to pull out all the boutique items. Iron them and price them accordingly. They will probably need to be tagged as well.