Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We had our November Dorcas Circle and a lot was accomplished with the new hours 1-8:30PM on a new day Wednesday. We had 2 new ladies come that are very excited about our group and totally worked hard on the projects I gave them.

  • Judy our new lady worked on the Demin Quilts
  • Kim our other new gal did LOTS of cutting and wrapping Christmas gifts for the nursing home Angel Tree
  • Bonnie did demin quilts
  • Monica continued cutting out demin quilts and the cutting is finally done. A job well done by Monica!
  • Bonnie and Monica had a fun time color coordinating the pumpkins we will be sell at the Autumn Fundraiser at Julian Oaks October 2013
My biggest treat was Linda came over with 12 mittens black and gray made for the male campers. They now have caps and mittens to keep them warm at the December camp. She brought along her new puppy Hope. Below see the picture of Linda and Hope. Linda is very busy with Hope but it was a treat to have her down here to catch up on what was going on in our lives. Thanks Linda for all your hard work on all the hours of knitting you have done to bless the campers!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

There is a lot going on with Dorcas Circle.  First of all we went to the Fiber Festival in Vista and had a wonderful time. There was a great children's craft there that we plan to use as a fundraiser and fun project to do with the children. It is making a key chain or bracelet out of cotton yarn. The braid is called  Japanese Braiding the Art of Kumihimo. It was so simple and fun to do. The children at the festival loved. it.  Bonnie and Hilda spent their time making kits for the craft, which we will sell for $3.00 a kit. Bonnie will be teaching that at the Camp Barbeque Fundraiser. Thanks Bonnie and Hilda for all your hard work. The kits are beyond wonderful.

We were donated TONS of fabric from Disneyland. I talked Mickey Mouse into it. HAHA. Actually the summer cook is friends with a nurse who works at Disneyland it was was left over of fabric they used to make costumes with. Bonnie was so kind to help me sort through a mountain of fabric that I was drowning in. THANKS Bonnie! We are giving a lot back to the community. Some will go to Maxine who is responsible for the Alternative Pregnancy layette bags. We took what we could use for Dorcas Circle. There were gigantic pieces of felt which is great for Camp's skits and lastly I just dropped off 6 bags and boxes to April.  Those of you who went to the Dorcas Retreat got to meet the lovely April. She teaches the girls at San Pasqual Academy how to make quilts. There is a Grandma's Club there, which has retired people work 40 hours a month, teaching the students extra curriculum activities. I am so happy April who is young is passing these skills on to the next generation. She does this as a volunteer. Yea, April.

Now the fun part. Bonnie and I went to a quilt shop called "Fat Quarter's" in Vista who taught us how to make Fabric Pumpkins. They are so cute. It was a fun project to make. There is a good chance that we can make them for 2014 Barbecue Fall Fundraiser as centerpieces for next years event. I need to speak to Tina and the decorations person next year to get more info on how to go on this one.

I also got a box together for Monica to do pillows with her girls for all the holidays in 2013. Thanks Monica for this undertaking.

Please keep the following in prayer:
The BIG Autumn Fundraiser which is October 27th. We really need to sell more stuff and we hope to attract people to our booth to make more money for camp.
April and all she does at San Pasqual to better the youth!

I will remind you all of the next gathering which is November 14th 1-8:30PM.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dolly Ministry

This was a ministry Dorcas Circle was very involved with. Please view the well done video:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wow it has been awhile. But we are meeting once a month and working on the denim quilts for the campers. Bonnie, Teri Cutler and I were busy this summer attending ever camp to do our craft.

I want to thank Teri for coming up to camp to help us out with the craft, and doing her life guarding at camp for swim time. This allows Tony and Jeremy free time to catch with all the camp activities. Thanks Teri

I want to thank Bonnie, I would not being doing all of this without her faithful support. Thanks Bonnie.

Monica has been wonderful in learning how to piece the denim quilts together and cut them as well a quick learner and so diligent to do anything. She is doing all the nursing home gifts at her home with her girls. This is a wonderful blessing to many homes.

Linda has knitted so many items for the boutique and campers that I am blown away how fast she was.

 Below is a story of camp written by Nitro a Faithful counselor of 3 camps this year.. I love the way he writes. He describes camp real well and tells a little about our craft.

To start with, it was such an honor and privilege for me to do three camps this summer, of which the theme was "Above the Bar."  It was an Olympic theme, not dissimilar to the games held in London.  We just didn't have all the music and fanfare.  However, we did have some tambourine and harmonica music at certain times.  And we didn't have quite the same number of fans visiting!  But there were some fans in the cabins because of the warm evenings.

There were a total of four camps.  This fourth camp was from Monday, August 6 through Friday, August 10, and was for high school campers.

Considering the weather during this fourth and final camp, the blue skies were full of blustery clouds, because the humidity, I think.  It was very tropical.  There were occasional gentle breezes, but for the most part it was warm to the point of being almost uncomfortable.  I mostly wore Hawaiian shirts, and baggy British-style safari shorts.  Anyone for a cup of tea?

By Tuesday we had some rain.  It was a glorious time with thunder, lightning, and some hail.  It began about three o'clock in the afternoon, when the "free choice/three choice" activities began.  This was the very time I had my scheduled hour and half break.  Thus, I was able to snap a few photos of the directors' kids "dancing and singing in the rain."  I captured a couple of "prize winning" photos of Luke Britton, his little sister Allie Britton, and Samantha Massa in the rain just outside the lodge.  It was picture-perfect.  The three "little campers" posed and danced in the warm rain.  The thunder, lightning, and sudden cloudburst at this moment was perfect timing...for perfect "adventurous" memories. 

The "indoor" activity at this time was "sewing."  Karen Bochinski, Bonnie Ramirez, and Teri Cutler drove up to camp to serve the campers in this activity.  Amazingly, even boys love sewing.  However, at the time the activity began, the drenching rain storm caused a power outage.  I was told it lasted only several minutes.  The power went out again later in the afternoon for a longer period, but was restored in time for the campers' Discovery Hour, about five o'clock, or so.

Speaking of sewing, I learned how to sew in...believe it or not...Marine Corps recruit training, or boot camp.  I remember it fondly...or not so we recruits were issued a small sewing take into combat with us...besides our rifles.  We were taught how to hem our combat trousers.  It's very simple and quick.  Plus we learned how to sew on buttons.  Buttons on sleeves or shirts are not critical in combat, but buttons on our trousers fly are very critical.  A broken or lost button on the fly can be replace easily.  Issued trousers can last for several wars.  Thus, combat trousers will never have zippers.  A broken zipper can never be repaired.  A war could be lost at that critical point.  (I learned everything I ever needed to know in Marine Corps boot camp.)

I did not fight in Vietnam.  I believe the Good Lord above was watching over me.

Meanwhile, back in camp...several campers went on the the rainstorm.  They returned afterwards...very wet.  Thankfully summer rain is warm.

I previously said that this was my scheduled break time.  I had been wanting to for several years...and finally did...visit the local "just out of town" Scrimshaw Shop.  I was hoping to see a vast array of tie tacks, whale tusks, etc. on display.  The proprietor had only a few items for sale, and they were highly priced.  He told me he usually carves only upon request.  I told him about my two scrimshaw tie with a sailing vessel on it, and the other with an American Eagle on it.  We had a nice chat, and I then departed back to town, and then to camp.

Continuing on about the weather, camp has an "almost" Olympic size swimming pool.  It was very, very refreshing to say the least!  I have been in some high-altitude lakes that can be bordering on the summer.  Perhaps you have heard of Lone Pine Lake on the trail that leads to Mount Whitney in California?  It is at an altitude of just over 9,000 feet.  Its water is very cold, but nonetheless refreshing...after miles of backpacking.  The camp pool is not quite "arctic" in temperature.  Nor is it quite "alpine" in temperature, but just about right for the Julian Zone, about 4300 feet in elevation.

One thing I really enjoy during swim time is doing my "Olympic Power Splashes."  (I have not yet won the Gold for this event.)  It's a matter of taking a flying leap off the edge of the pool.  (There is no diving board.)  I jump feet first, but leaning back about forty-five degrees, and falling into the water straight down, body stiff, and holding my hands over my face.  This typically results in a booming splash that at first spreads out wide, then a second splash powers straight up.   I have heard some swimmers in the past call this dive "The Forty-Five."  With careful aiming and angle, I can "hit" almost anyone nearby on the deck.  (At least that's what I'm told.) 

Here is a funny thing:  There are times at "pool time" that I tell campers not to splash me...that I don't want to get wet.  They always laugh...probably because I am already in the pool...and sopping wet!

Another event I took great pleasure in was one of the "camper time Discovery Hours."  Typically during this hour the campers will do an activity like map and compass reading; a visit to the newly built nature lodge/center for plant and animal identification; or a movie of great interest.

On Wednesday there was a special guest.  And I mean Special.  He and his pastor drove up from El Cajon...Legacy talk to the campers about his war experience.  (Counselors have a prayer and snack time during the Discovery Hour.)  I took a "leave of absence" to hear this man speak.  Leo Tuck was a Navy Corpsman during World War II...on Iwo Jima!  His story and film presentation was monumental!  He is eighty-seven.  He saved Marines' lives on that volcanic rock!  He also watched Marines die.  Everyone in attendance passed around a small jug of volcanic ash that he brought back with him when he visited there about five years ago.  I was able to chat with him, and take some photos with him, his pastor, and with director Tony Massa.  His stories of the mud Marines fighting to take Mount Suribachi were grim and sobering.  Every camper was wide-eyed and open-mouthed as he spoke.  Several campers asked some serious questions about his time fighting along with the Marines, and his time in the Navy.  He didn't make the Navy a career, but went into teaching as his career.

Friday, July 13, 2012

We had a super Dorcas Circle on July 12, 2012. I love my ladies and when I seek counsel my Dorcas Ladies are tried and true and always resort to God's Word. THANKS ladies.  You know who you are. 

A Special thanks to:
  • Monica working on demin quilts and putting them together.
  • Hilda sewing demin quilts

  • Our BIG special thanks to Linda

 Linda made winter hats for Christmas gifts for the boys and made beautiful girl  hats with flowers in them for the girls. Linda is our only hand knitter and she has blessed these children in so many ways with giving up her time to put the true labor of love in each item.

 Linda will no longer physically be at Dorcas Circle and we will all miss her. I gave her TONS of yarn that came from Willa that was donated to the Dorcas Circle when Willa went to be with the Lord. We plan to go visit Linda's "Sit and Knit" in Valley Center to keep in touch with Linda as she continues to knit for the Dorcas Circle. Linda has a weekly group of ladies come to the Valley Center Library to gather for "Sit and Knit" 12-3 each Monday. So those of you who want to learn to knit for free, please contact Linda and she will gladly teach you. Her e-mail is: Below are the items Linda has knit for the campers:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bonnie did the devotional.
Michele prayed before we began our projects.

The Dorcas Circle went very well. We want to thank:

Michele for making Salvation Braclettes and taking home scarves to crochet
Monica preparing two demin quilts
Bonnie helping other with sewing
Terese making Salvation Braclettes
Trudy make Christmas Bags for Christmas Camp
Karen working on a JOY Shirt to bring more money to camp.

Remember our next Dorcas Circle is June 7th the first Thursday of June 1-5PM.

Lastly, one of our adult campers passed away his name was Lee Houston. Please keep his family and campers in prayer. This is a BIG loss and Lee was very special especially his love for the Lord. Lee is on the right of Nick Massa, son's director from camp. The last time I saw lee he gave his Testimony and love for Jesus. I will never forget the zeal this young man had for the Lord. He is probably dancing in heaven and worshiping Jesus at the same time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dorcas Circle on April 5th Thursday

I want to thank Linda soooo much for making TWELVE fingerless mittens with thumbs. They were used with sock yarn that Linda and I had left over from sock projects! Thank you Linda. Please see below what Linda made for the campers for Christmas Time

Thanks to
  • Trudy and Terran for working on Camp Quilts
  • Bonnie and Monica working on Demin Quilts for camp
  • Linda finishing up the mittens
  • Mary Oliver Terese, Lilly, and Maddy working on various projects.
  • Maddy learning to rotary cut to prepare for the  Hjeltness girls to sew at home Autumn Pillows for the nursing homes.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

April 5th we will have a Dorcas Circle.

Hi Ladies,

Would like to give a special thanks to:
  • Bonnie working on Alternative Bags for a church that is having a baby shower to fill baby supplies for Alternative Pregnancy Center
  • Hilda working on Quilts for camp

On the first Thursday of each month  Dorcas Circle will be having a short devotional that Bonnie suggested  and Monica is excited to start. We want to star it when everyone has arrived. It is called "By His Pattern" by Gwen Ellis. I have a picture of it at the bottom of the e-mail.  It is a devotional book for Needlework Lovers (Hands and Heart Devotional). The devotionals are to enjoy scripture, story illustration, questions to think about, the prayer, and the needlework tips.

Also keep Hilda in prayer she is going into surgery on the day we do Dorcas Circle. She is happy the day has arrived that she can finally have this surgery done.
Due to the high gas prices, Linda and Monica will be coming only once a month.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dorcas Circle March 8th

This was a first but we pulled off a surprise Birthday Party for Bonnie. She was surprised. Thanks to all of you that attended to bless Bonnie. She was blessed and loved having are her special friends come that can not come to Dorcas. That is what really surprised her. Thanks to Sharon, Donna, Kelly and Jeannie. Thanks to Monica for the meatballs, Linda Veggi Dish, Michele nuts, fruits and cheese, Mary soda, Hilda Fried Cheese Puffs. I hope I forgot no one. We actually had a productive day as well.
  • Claire cut out the 4th of July Pillows
  • Linda worked on the gloves for the girls camp
  • Michele got colored matched buttons with Reana for the sweater Linda knitting for the boutique.
  • Michele made scarves for the girl camper's gift.
  • Trudy and Mary worked on Salvation Bracelets for a carnival prizes for the campers.
  • Terran did some weaving for the Camp scarves with fun fur.
  • Terese and Monica worked on pillows and all the girls helped mom tie the quilt off. The Christmas quilt is done. YEA!
  • Bonnie had a wonderful day having all her friends in one room and enjoyed her gifts and cards you all gave.
There will be no Dorcas Circle next week. I will be having 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday the 14th. Keep me in your prayers  for I will not be able to talk for one week so my mouth can be still and I assume the pain afterwards will not be fun too. 

If all goes well I really want to have Dorcas Circle on the 22nd. Will keep you informed then. 

Monica and her lovely daughters, Olsen Girls, Mary and Linda will only be coming once a month, due to the high cost of gas. Linda comes from Valley Center and Monica from Fallbrook. We plan to do a sewing Devotional that Bonnie suggested we do when they come. The devotional will start at at 2PM so more people would be able to go to that. Dorcas Circle will always be 1-5. Dorcas Circle is slowing down and Bonnie and I felt this sewing Devotional would be a great way to have it more focused on the Lord yet serve HIM to to bless the Widows and Orphans of our society.

Below are some pictures I took. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dorcas Circle Feb 23 2012

We had a great Dorcas Circle today.
  • Bonnie worked on the denim quilts
  • Hilda and I worked on the 4-6 grade campers Summer Quilts.
I am now doing weaving and Hilda and Bonnie know how to weave so we talked a lot about weaving. I can see weaving will bless the widows and orphans as well. I am warping the loom. It is good to see my long awaited yarn go to good use!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trudy Sews Her First Pillow!

We had a wonderful Dorcas Circle last week. A special thanks to:
  • Linda working on sweater for boutique
  • Bonnie cutting squares for denim quilts for Christmas camp (this takes a lot of thinking) and poor Bonnie was stuck in the garage alone.
  • Hilda working on Easter Mother's Day Pillows and Camper Quilts
  • Mary Oliver making Salvation bracelets and stuffing Easter, Mother's Day Pillows
  • Terese making Salvation bracelets and stuffing Easter, Mother's Day Pillows
  • Trudy, I am so proud of, sewing pillows and doing a wonderful job!
  • Monica working on the Christmas Quilt
Please keep Willa up in prayer. Frank,Dolly and I went last night (2/11) to visit her. Willa was so happy to see Dolly and Dolly got to see her best friend Willa. Willa is very weak. If you want to see her, please call first  Too many visitors can overwhelm Willa. She needs lots of rest to heal. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

I was rummaging through my old files and came across this. It was the reason I started Dorcas Circle:

By Karen Bochinski
 It all began seven years ago at a Women’s Bible Study on a Tuesday morning at Calvary Chapel of Escondido. Kelly and Lisa were leading the study and as an icebreaker for us gals they asked each woman to share her favorite Bible character.  My turn came and I said “Dorcas”. Some of the ladies were not very familiar with her. I said she was always doing good and helping poor people as we read in Acts 9:36. She did lots of sewing. This woman has always attracted me because she was a doer and she “did”. I believe the Lord gave me those attributes as well and I needed to be a “doer” like Dorcas.
 I have been involved in the nursing home ministry for many years. I love those ministries where the rubber meets the road, physically being with the person I am blessing and to establish a relationship with them. The joy and contentment I get from that is beyond anything I could ask for.
I would observe how the residents were always cold and wanted something to cuddle. They would beg me for a way to keep warm. I ran to the cabinet and would pull out a bib that they used at mealtime and I would wrap the bibs around their cold bodies.  
The residences would be so grateful for a bib to keep them warm. That broke my heart in two. A bib? They deserve more than a bib to keep warm. “This is not fair”; I thought. “ I need to do more”.  I would see Esther, a resident at Palomar Heights Home, in pain.  I hand her a pillow to cuddle and her face would have a smile for a minute or two.  This broke my heart in half. I saw a need where the rubber meets the road, to physically be there and give them something of great comfort! “Lord” I thought, “Did you show me this to bring this comfort?”
I also have a BIG passion for the children in the foster care system. I was introduced to a special camp called Camp Alandale in the year 2000. A couple from Idyllwild, named Tony and Tina Massa, came to our church and talked about this camp. The Lord grabbed my heart in a BIG way and directed me to their training sessions. I figured everyone would be there and the room would be filled with people because this camp needed counselors. Instead I was in a room with a handful of people learning about being a counselor.
Wow-- another need! This camp really needs counselors.  The more I learned the more I wanted to be up at camp with these abused and neglected children. I said “Lord”, I wonder why you would want me to do that. I hate camping, I have physical issues and I want to sleep in my own bed. The Holy Spirit just kept nudging my heart and said “In spite of it all you need to GO”. This was totally God’s will in my life, not my will.
 I did my first high school camp and my life was changed forever. There are many defining moments in my life. The birth of my children, my wedding day, etc. Experiencing camp was one of them. God gave me an unconditional love for these hurting children that I have never experienced in my life. Some of the kids were so mean to me and I would still love them.
It was so amazing! This is totally God, not Karen, to love on a kid who can’t stand you. To have the Lord totally work through me and use me was a miracle in its self. The real me is controlling, bossy and blunt. Up at that camp God made me the opposite! I came back a changed woman. The Lord took the controlling, bossy and blunt and used it to create Dorcas Circle. The Lord continues to change me. He’s transforming my controlling into organizing, my blunt words into loving words of conviction, and my bossiness into creativity.   
I am so happy that the Lord directed me to open up my home to the whole world to help me change the world one stitch at a time. I have learned a lot through Dorcas Circle that continues to change me again. There were months when no one would come to my home and I would feel so sad. I saw this GREAT need with camp and the nursing home ministry and was so discouraged.
One lady, named Monica, came when she could and I told her how discouraged I was. I tried so hard to get the word out about Dorcas and how much help I needed I whined and complained to her. I am really good at expressing my emotions, probably too much. She said to me, “Did you pray to God about this situation?” And I said “No”. Wow another defining moment. Deep in the root of my heart I wanted “Karen” to lead Dorcas Circle but God the one in control and he will make or break Dorcas Circle. If he wants this ministry to continue HE will provide the people not Karen. I needed to be HIS servant to get the word out.  If He wants this ministry to continue, it will.
 Tony Massa, now the director of Julian Oaks Ministries, approached me many years ago and said, “How would you like to come up and do a sewing craft with the campers for five summer camps?” I was so excited that I would get to go to camp as a day trip to be with the campers. What an opportunity to serve and go to camp, one of my favorite places to be. Dorcas Circle goes out to the mission field!
So every other Tuesday I would bring sewing machines and supplies up to Julian for the campers to make a craft.  On the way up, I would bring ladies with me to help out. We would chat all the way to Julian and back, set up the room, and have our special one-on-one with the campers. The campers would have a choice to make a backpack, tote bag, pillow, or Bible cover.
During this craft, many campers knew nothing about sewing. They would sew on buttons or appliqué a unique design or patch to their object. It would be so exciting to see a camper sew their first button on. The motto “Changing the World one Stitch at a Time” had its defining moment as I witnessed camper learn a skill that would be with him or her for life. That joy overtook me again!
 The Lord has truly blessed Julian Oaks with a ministry.  But with that comes along expenses. Dorcas Circle decided to do boutiques to help raise funds for camp. The ladies and I make homemade items to sell at various boutiques during the year. We did our first Quilt Raffle, and it was beyond successful. Through the boutique, sponsorships, and raffle we raised just  over $2,000 for Julian Oaks Ministries.
 The Lord has blessed me with these wonderful women who come to my home and share the same passion that I do about blessing the widows and orphans of our society. My biggest blessing is Bonnie Ramirez. I would have never met a woman of God, a total servant, if I had not opened up my home. Bonnie and I go to different services and do different ministries yet Dorcas Circle has brought us together for this work.
She stepped out of faith and came to my house and the Lord has used her to change me, and Dorcas Circle as well. Again, God is control and brought Bonnie here for a purpose. The Lord put on Bonnie’s heart to make salvation bracelets. She has raised so much money for camp making this beautiful jewelry that creatively shares God’s love for us. One hundred percent of the proceeds go  to Julian Oaks Ministries. She has the same passion I have for Julian Oaks and the children to whom it ministers.
 So, to sum this all up, if the Lord puts an idea in your heart, do not ignore it! Grab that idea with a passion and see how your life will change, to live in HIS will and not your own.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ground Hogs Day 2/2 Dorcas Circle Met

Bonnie and I decided last minute to get together on Ground Hogs Day to do a Dorcas Circle on our own.

 I have TONS of denim pants and we decided to make quilts out of them. Bonnie figured out where to cut and place the strips. I sewed it up. These quilts came out adorable. Please see photo below. They take time to cut and place the squares so Bonnie will do that.  I think Monica will handle this task well too. The sewing, putting backing on and tying the quilt went fast. We can tell this will make a BIG project. That is why we are designing now to have it prepared for Christmas Camp 2013. I went through all the quilts that were color coordinated and I cut batting backing to all of them. So we have lots of quilts to sew for 2012 Christmas and the 4-6 grade campers summer 2012 camps. 

I am feeling much better but not pushing it. Willa was in the hospital and is doing better there. Linda is getting better too, she was hit bad with sciatic then this brutal cold. Lord willing, I will see you all again. You were greatly missed by me.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ministry Faire was the main focus this week at the Dorcas Circle

Bonnie and I did Dorcas Circle alone which was fine. I was coughing all over the place but we stayed on different ends of the room. I am still coughing a lot but feel better. Yesterday, Sunday was the Ministry Faire at the church. Bonnie was spinning away which brought a lot of people to talk to her about spinning. Jeff, camp supporter, presented camp beautifully. I talked about Dorcas Circle. The place was packed with people and it was super! Enclosed is a picture of Frank and me and Jeff at the faire. I will keep you updated about my cold. I am doing fine but I will let you know if I am still coughing away like today.

Linda is doing much better with her sciatica and please keep Willa up in prayer. She is very slowing getting well and is still very weak and needs lots of rest. Lord wiling, I will see you guys next week.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dorcas Circle is a place to Minister to each other! PTL

This Dorcas Gathering I was especially ministered by Monica. When she came I felt sad because 2 of the Dorcas Ladies (Willa) and (Linda) are ill. We sat down and prayed together to have the Lord work in these 2 women's lives. Giving it to the Lord is the best because I can not do anything but pray. After that Monica and I shared about our Christmas and New Years. Monica just gave me that extra energy with her life going so well. We also got a lot done as well.

  • Monica is still working on the Christmas Quilt. It is done so perfectly I will never be that detailed.
  • I am working on the Camp Quilts for summer.
  • Terran and Maddy worked on Mother's Day Pillows they also tied the quilts I finished off.
  • Trudy cut out bibs for the nursing home residence.
  • Lilly and Therese got batting and made it into batting and organized all these wonderful zippers that were donated by Willa.

We had another blessing happen to Dorcas to bless camp with my funds. Bonnie's friend, BJ, came over and bought $130.00 worth of stuff from the boutique that prior day. She even bought projects that are not finished yet. Thanks Bonnie and a BIG thanks to BJ for financially supporting camp! 

Bonnie stayed home and did Dorcas Circle with her Berina. She is working on Large denim tote bags for a couple and she is using her embroiderer machine to make lovely bags for her son's to sell at their music store they in return will give is money back to bless camp.

Please keep Willa (suffering from a very bad virus she is having lots of trouble fight off) and Linda (sciatica, very painful) to heal up.

Lastly, Bonnie and I will be running a booth at the missions fair on the 22 after 3 services. We will present the boutique, Dorcas and Julian Oaks. A lot of folks in our church are unaware of this. We really hope to encourage people to serve the Lord in some kind of ministry.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

May JOY be a big part of 2012 for you!

A BIG New Year’s hug that jumps from status to status
¸.•°*”˜˜ to spread a little Love and Happiness ˜˜”*°•.¸

˜”*°•.¸ Have a Happy New Year ¸.•°*”˜

¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸ ☆♥☆ ☆♥☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.☆♥☆ ☆♥☆

˜”*°•.¸☆♥ ¸.•°*”˜
☆★¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸ ˜”*°•.¸☆♥
¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸★☆♥ Pass the HUGS on ☆★¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸

We will have our first 2012 gathering on January 5th , 2012.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Break. I certainly got a lot done and learned a lot.  I did my most dreaded task: cleaning and oiling the sewing machines. It is like when you are a kid and you need to eat brussel sprouts and do not like it but it is good for you. I did learn new information about the machines and patience as well. I praised the Lord when I could put the sewing machines back together and  have it actually work.

My main rules still apply for the machines:
Do not thread, insert a new bobbin or unjam the machines. I put blue tape on areas not to touch.

Also we will use the following machines:
  • Keri Kenmore
  • Cynthia
  • Bobbie
  • Dressmaker
  • Featherweight
  • Sophia is for Bonnie

I decided to give Dorothy a break. The other reason I did this was that they all have zig zag.

The main projects that need to get done and have LOTS of time to do them is:
  • ·        Quilts for the Summer camp of the 4th – 6th graders
  • ·        Male Quilts for the Christmas 2012 Camp
  • ·        Boutique Items in the awaiting bin
  • ·        Nursing Home Holiday pillows (Valentine’s Day is done) St. Patty’s day is in progress.
  • ·        Bonnie will be working on 2 BIG tote bags that we have buyers for.

Our church is having a Missions Fair January 22nd  and we want to sell a few Boutique items there. We will represent Julian Oaks, Dorcas Circle and Tabitha’s Treasures as well.