Monday, January 23, 2012

Ministry Faire was the main focus this week at the Dorcas Circle

Bonnie and I did Dorcas Circle alone which was fine. I was coughing all over the place but we stayed on different ends of the room. I am still coughing a lot but feel better. Yesterday, Sunday was the Ministry Faire at the church. Bonnie was spinning away which brought a lot of people to talk to her about spinning. Jeff, camp supporter, presented camp beautifully. I talked about Dorcas Circle. The place was packed with people and it was super! Enclosed is a picture of Frank and me and Jeff at the faire. I will keep you updated about my cold. I am doing fine but I will let you know if I am still coughing away like today.

Linda is doing much better with her sciatica and please keep Willa up in prayer. She is very slowing getting well and is still very weak and needs lots of rest. Lord wiling, I will see you guys next week.

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