Friday, January 28, 2011

Dorcas Blessings

We finally have all the Julian Oaks Jr High caps done. YEA!

The girls purses are coming a long really nice. Bonnie has done 99% of them.

We are ready to begin the boy's quilts for Summer and Winter Camps.

Bonnie and I took a spinning class at Ramona and made our first batch of yarn. I can see I need to go a lot more times to get the hang of it.

Bonnie and I will be busy most of February with Stitches West and other events. Come to the Friends of Orphans meeting as we decorate Valentine Cards for the campers and Tina updates us with the happenings of Julian Oaks. This will be Feb 2nd at my house 6PM.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 PTL Moments

Jackie had her issues last week. I spent 2 hours trying to figure out the bobbin case problem. Broke down and brought to Sewing Machines Plus. Scott, the mechanic, fixed the machine and did not even charge me. YEA that saves $50.00. The other PTL moment got mail and Calvary chapel sent $50.00. YEA! I just came back from Joannes and spent $47.00 before I got the check. This is great!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Linda's Surgery went Well

She thanks you for her prayers.

Dorcas Circle speaks to the Seniors of Calvary Chapel

Maxine talks about Alternative Pregnancy and how Dorcas has helped them out

Some of the items Dorcas Circle Makes

Lawrence tells how Camp Julian Oaks has blessed him.

Willa tells about the nursing home ministry and how Dorcas has helped with the Angel Tree

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lawrence, a camper, comes to visit. He is now an adult

Lawrence and Nitro catch up on old times about Camp

Marcus, a counselor, does what he likes to do with the campers; wrestle with them

Dolly is concerned for Lawrence

Sunday, January 16, 2011


A special thanks to Sally who donated bottles and cans. I also got a big bunch from church this am.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friends of Orphans Meetings we have fun at Bochinski Residence

Listening to Tina talk about stuff related to camp
Tina in the middle enjoying the tee shirt Dorcas Circle made her

Marcus and Michele

Sarah Britton assistant mge of camp and Cecilia having fun after the meeting

A group of people who LOVE camp and the wonderful ministry that Julian Oaks does attend these meeting once a month on the 2nd Monday of the month. Tina comes and tells us all about the happenings of camp we also share and so fundraising at my house.

Nursing Home Potluck 2010 Eric and Monica open up their home

Thanks to Eric for sharing his home with the nursing home volunteers

Karen in the background knitting as Willa gives a smile

Pastor Mark on left head of the nursing home ministry

Browin, pastor's wife and Eric's Wife Monica preparing food in the kitchen

2010 Craft Time with the Campers

Karen on right, camper in the middle Jeff counselor on right

Counselor helping a camper sew on buttons

Bonnie helping a camper color coordinate his fabric for a pillow

December was busy at the Dorcas Circle

The Rock Church Boutique to raise fund for camp
Campers enjoying their Christmas gifts

Friday, January 14, 2011

Gathering on January 13 Thursday 1-5PM

Hi Ladies,

Thanks so much for showing up on Thursday. I am really enjoying our daytime hours.
We had some first timers come who included:
and Marlitt's daughter-inlaw.
Welcome Ladies!!!!!
A special thanks to:

  • Bonnie cutting tote bags
  • Willa sewing wheel chair walking hangers
  • Linda sewing wheel chair walking hangers
  • Marlitt's daughter in law sewing wheel chair walking hangers
  • Tiffany Tote Bags
  • Marlitt JOY Hats
  • Sister Missionaries JOY Hats
  • Yolanda Russia Baby Blanket
  • Margaret Wrapping Christmas Gifts and making JOY hats look nice
  • Leslie Cut out more Joy Caps
  • Cynthia cutting out more Joy caps
  • Tiffany sewing an alternative tote bag start to finish and had not touched a sewing machine in 3 years
  • Memri running home to get her machine but had a family emergency; keep her up in prayer as she is there to meet those needs.
Thanks for your patience and also allowing me to serve you at Dorcas by letting me handle the sewing machine issues. I know it can be frustrating when the machines have a mind of their own.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dorcas Speaks at the Senior Study on Wednesday

Exciting News! The church is allowing me to tell about Dorcas Circle during the Seniors Study. They are giving me one hour! YEA! Lord willing, my camper will get up as well and give his testimony. I will get to talk more about Julians Oaks and how others can help with Dorcas and JOY Camp as well.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Praise and Thankfulness

Jackie is working! YEA. Learned something new as usual.

Thanks to Holly and Chris for donating materials and supplies to the Dorcas Circle!

A Special Thanks to Keri for making items for Tabitha's Boutique

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Camp Julian Oaks in Julian California

Tony and Tina Massa run a very special Christian Camp called Julian Oaks Youth Ministries that ministers to the children in the Foster Care System of all of San Diego County. Dorcas Circle highly supports their ministry by doing a special craft time with the campers. Dorcas Circle financially supports them with the Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique on Facebook and the annual fundraiser in October at the camp. If you would like anymore info about this awesome ministry please, visit or call camp at 760- 765-1738.
Dorcas also hosts Friends of Orphan Meetings on the second Monday of each month except for Summer. Please contact Val Wright 760-271-5347.

Dorcas Needs

©   Servants who will help in anyway. No sewing talent required!
©   Fiber Fill, Batting, Fabric, Fleece, and Yarn
©   Karen recycles aluminum cans and plastic bottles to raise funds for the Dorcas Circle. You can deliver the recycle products in the gated trash area of the Calvary Chapel Parking Lot. Do not put in the bin. I do a weekly pick up of the items.
©   Joanne’s or Michael Coupons.

Dorcas Supports the Following Ministries

Nursing Home Ministry
Walker/Wheel Chair Hangers and small gifts through out the year
Contact: Mark Turner
Julian Oaks Youth Ministries
Gifts for Campers
Craft Time with Campers
Contact: Karen
Alternative Ministries
Tote Bags Baby Items
Contact: Maxine
Minced Russia Hospital Ministry
Homemade Baby Items
Contact: Pastor Richard
Tabitha’s Boutique
Items to sell to raise funds for camp
Contact: Karen
Facebook: Tabitha’s Treasures
Doll Ministry
Doll Making
Contact: Rosemary
My Stuff Bags
Simple Quilts

Contact: Sally Wall

Dorcas 2011


1)   YOYO Crosses (Hand Sewing)
2)   Pillows for Elderly for 4th of July 2011
3)   Salvation Brackets
4)   Cards for the Elderly
5)   Wheel Chair Walker Hangers*
6)   Small Nursing Home Tote Bags
7)   Layette Bags for Alternatives (cutting only)
8)   Julian Oaks Demin Purses for Christmas Camp *
9)   Demin Quilt we need people to cut to cut (8X8 Squares) Julian Oaks Christmas Camp
10)         4 Julian Oaks boys quilts to piece and put together*
11)         Booties for Russia
12)         Flannel Baby Quilts for Russia*
13)         Organizing Fabric
14)         Julian Oaks Caps for Junior High Camp Due in July 2011*
15)         Organizing of Fabric
16)         Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique Items all due in October 2011:
i)      Christmas Aprons, Potholders and Mitts*
ii)   Christmas Story Book*
iii) Christmas Vest*
iv) Christmas Garland (simple tying project)
v)   Men’s Fishing Quilt*
vi) Baby Quilts* (3)
vii)    Scarecrow*
viii) Farmer’s Quilt*
ix) Christmas Quilts (2)
x)   Demin Purses*
xi) Always looking for handmade items for Tabitha’s Treasures

Remember to pass the word that we always need help. Everyone can help with Dorcas Circle. All skill levels needed. Some of our sewing projects can be complex while other projects as amazingly simple.

Dorcas Circle can be a place to relax and fellowship; or it can be a wonderful way to learn a new skill.

*Sewing Experience Required


Dorcas Circle started December 2nd, 2004 in my home. My favorite bible character is Dorcas in Acts 9:36 and 39. Dorcas is a simple woman who lived the 1 Thes 4:11 life. A giving woman and loved by many for all she did with her hands. I wanted to model that woman but I needed help in my adventures. I found women with the same passion as me who wanted to learn to sew, knit and help others. We gather in my home on a weekly basis to work on numerous projects while fellowshipping and lifting each other up. My heart has so much joy teaching women and children how to sew and knit.


To bless the WIDOWS and ORPHANS of our community with hand made items.