Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dorcas Circle March 8th

This was a first but we pulled off a surprise Birthday Party for Bonnie. She was surprised. Thanks to all of you that attended to bless Bonnie. She was blessed and loved having are her special friends come that can not come to Dorcas. That is what really surprised her. Thanks to Sharon, Donna, Kelly and Jeannie. Thanks to Monica for the meatballs, Linda Veggi Dish, Michele nuts, fruits and cheese, Mary soda, Hilda Fried Cheese Puffs. I hope I forgot no one. We actually had a productive day as well.
  • Claire cut out the 4th of July Pillows
  • Linda worked on the gloves for the girls camp
  • Michele got colored matched buttons with Reana for the sweater Linda knitting for the boutique.
  • Michele made scarves for the girl camper's gift.
  • Trudy and Mary worked on Salvation Bracelets for a carnival prizes for the campers.
  • Terran did some weaving for the Camp scarves with fun fur.
  • Terese and Monica worked on pillows and all the girls helped mom tie the quilt off. The Christmas quilt is done. YEA!
  • Bonnie had a wonderful day having all her friends in one room and enjoyed her gifts and cards you all gave.
There will be no Dorcas Circle next week. I will be having 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday the 14th. Keep me in your prayers  for I will not be able to talk for one week so my mouth can be still and I assume the pain afterwards will not be fun too. 

If all goes well I really want to have Dorcas Circle on the 22nd. Will keep you informed then. 

Monica and her lovely daughters, Olsen Girls, Mary and Linda will only be coming once a month, due to the high cost of gas. Linda comes from Valley Center and Monica from Fallbrook. We plan to do a sewing Devotional that Bonnie suggested we do when they come. The devotional will start at at 2PM so more people would be able to go to that. Dorcas Circle will always be 1-5. Dorcas Circle is slowing down and Bonnie and I felt this sewing Devotional would be a great way to have it more focused on the Lord yet serve HIM to to bless the Widows and Orphans of our society.

Below are some pictures I took. Enjoy.

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