Monday, October 31, 2011

Dorcas Circle Gather and BEACON HILL LLAMA FARM

We had a great gathering with:
  • Bonnie working on JOY Pillows
  • Linda knitting a women's sweater for the boutique
  • Monica working on the Christmas Quilt
  • Terran making Valentine PIllows
  • Trudy, Terese, Maddie , and another Olsen girl working on organizing fabric that was given to us by Paradise Fibers.

We had a wonderful field trip at Dr. Ruth Baak's BEACON HILL LLAMA FARM. Ruth was kind enough to allow us at her ranch to play with and learn about her llamas. Bonnie and I hung longer there and talked to Ruth and other guests about Spinning and all sorts of fiber to spin. It was awesome. Please enjoy pictures.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hi Ladies,

What a week and I am truly exhausted. We did our final boutique at Camp Julian Oaks for their Annual Autumn Barbecue Fundraiser 2011. Enclosed are the pictures of us ladies in our tee-shirts, Lorrie a helper and the JOY Quilt in its new home at the Virginia House. YEA! Also the valences, Linda sewed and got the fabric for, was put up too. A special thanks to Frank, my husband, who did the heavy lifting and putting up the valences and quilt. This was all done on our 34th Wedding Anniversary.

 I decided to not do anymore boutiques till May at CCE annual rummage sale. I am plum tired and do not want to exert myself. My body says slow down and I must listen to that to know my limitations. Also due to the economy we are not making the money as we did in the past. Lord willing, in May 2012 we will do much better during these uncertain times.

 Anyways, a special thanks to:

  • Bonnie completing the JOY Quilt
  • Linda helping Willa with nursing home projects
  • Willa working on nursing home projects (we have lots to do in that department). Willa organizes this and will gladly take any help.
  • Me running around and constantly and  organizing.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Special thanks to:

Bonnie, Linda, Jeff, Holly, Ray, Sally and Toby who helped out at the Tabitha's Treasures Boutique!