Monday, October 31, 2011

Dorcas Circle Gather and BEACON HILL LLAMA FARM

We had a great gathering with:
  • Bonnie working on JOY Pillows
  • Linda knitting a women's sweater for the boutique
  • Monica working on the Christmas Quilt
  • Terran making Valentine PIllows
  • Trudy, Terese, Maddie , and another Olsen girl working on organizing fabric that was given to us by Paradise Fibers.

We had a wonderful field trip at Dr. Ruth Baak's BEACON HILL LLAMA FARM. Ruth was kind enough to allow us at her ranch to play with and learn about her llamas. Bonnie and I hung longer there and talked to Ruth and other guests about Spinning and all sorts of fiber to spin. It was awesome. Please enjoy pictures.

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