Saturday, May 28, 2011

Curtains at Julian Oaks in the Virgina House

I was beyond impressed and blessed with the new Virginia house. I was a counselor and my camper and I would sneak up to the old Virgina house and call it the spooky house. It was a place we could go and make up ghost stories in the spooky house. We also found old pictures of the house in the wooden flooring, which were falling apart. I am so glad to be a history of this place. I enjoy and appreciate all that has been done and continually see how the Lord keeps on changing the camp so others can get to know Jesus.

Please see pictures below to see the old house the new house and us girls making curtains. Sorry the pictures are not in order. I am just learning how to use this blog.

Several years ago this house should have been condemned. Hamon and Construction decided to strip it down to the fireplace and rebuild it up. I asked Tina, Director of Camp Julian Oaks, will there be curtains for the girl's dorm? She said she would be so blessed if the Dorcas Circle could make them.  We have made many curtains at camp  so.....We, Dorcas Circle, volunteered to make curtains for the Girls Dorm. This would enable the girls their privacy and keep the sun out of the rooms. After purchasing fabric, getting window measurements and getting the correct rods to show off the beautiful wood frame around each windows, we were ready to ride up to Julian to spend the night and focus on getting 13 pairs  of curtains made.

I was blessed to meet Brenda Marshall, who lives in Julian, and was right there helping us to sew the curtains. Bonnie and Linda came and Bonnie was the leader of the curtain project. Linda, Brenda and I were her helpers. I found the project very relaxing once we got up there

. I did sewing, knitting and just loved the view of the mountains as I was in the BIG living room with the beautiful fireplace.

The old Virgina House Living Room including the old curtains

The new Virginia House Living Room

New Virgina House Kitchen

New Virgina House Bathrooms

New Virginia House Living Room

Old Virgina House Bathroom

Old Virginia House Living Room

Old Virgina House

Karen Sewing Away in the living room

Brenda, our new Dorcas Lady, ironing

Bonnie figuring out what panels go where

Linda enjoying sewing curtains on my Featherweight

Bonnie happily ironing

Brenda in the Girls' Dorm sewing

The 4 of us with the curtains we made in the background

Tony, Director of Camp Julian Oaks, so happy with the new curtains

Brenda and Linda putting the curtains on the rod

Bonnie and Brenda seam ripping our least favorite job

Linda working on a boutique item
Outside of the old Virginia House
Brenda was kind enough to donate fabric for the new Hogan Cabin, which the boys will sleep in this summer.  Last summer they were in a canvas tent. We will make the curtains in San Marcos and bring them to camp to be put in. There are only 8 windows and 1 panel per window.

We went to Brenda's beautiful ranch and I could just sit in her living room and knit and enjoy the view. Brenda plans to come up to the craft days on Tuesdays during the summer months. She is an avid crafter and we can certainly use her help and great ideas. Linda will be doing jewelry making with the campers and Bonnie and I will do our sew projects with the campers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dorcas Circle Gathering on May 19

Hi Ladies,

As usual I thank you all for coming and being such servants to the Dorcas Circle.

April thanks so much for everything!!!!! She organized all the fabric, which is a ton. We have a system to, Lord willing, keep the fabric under control. She wrapped and did cards for the graduation gifts for the campers. She color coordinated various projects. She also got the tags and recycled them. April has such a blessing doing whatever needs to be done!
  • Bonnie did a beautiful iron cover for a ironing board that has sat in my shed for 1 year. We will need this board for ironing larger fabric. Bonnie is so busy and it was a blessing she could squeeze this in her list. Also completed Jeff’s quilt
  • Linda is learning to make mittens and she made one mitten and did an awesome job. She plans to do more. We want to sell as a boutique item for October’s fundraiser.
  • 4 Morman Missionaries working on various projects. We thank them for their time and efforts to help us out.
  • Monica put together Jeff’s quilt. She did a wonderful job and enjoyed the task as well.
  • Memri work on the embroidery quilt and put the rows together.
  • Ella and Monica’s girls kept Dolly very busy and worn out so I could get stuff done.
  • Hilda completed a vest.

Keep Bonnie, Linda and I up in prayer this Tuesday. Dorcas Circle is doing a field trip up at Camp. We are making curtains for the brand new Virginia House. We purchased all the fabric and want to stay over 1 night to complete the curtains. We met a new lady named Brenda, who lives in Julian, Brenda will help us out. We met her at Esther’s Court last week.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tabitha's Treasures Spring Boutiques visits Julian and CCE

We had our booth set up in two locations. Our church had its annual rummage sale and we took over the sidewalk with all the items we had. We they went up to Camp Julian Oaks and had the boutique there. The exciting news is between the 2 events we made $697.00 for Camp Julian Oaks. Praise the Lord!!! Please see a picture of me standing in a very small selection of the Boutique. Thanks to all the Dorcas Ladies who put in a lot of hard time and efforts. A special thanks to Linda and Bonnie who came to both events and put in a lot of work to make this successful!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome Home Antonio

Friday night the 7th. Frank and I got to go to the Airport with a bunch of Julian Oaks Camp folks and greet a camper/soldier a warm welcome. It was such a blessing holding the signs and cheering in Antonio! I have 2 pictures that are beyond precious to me.  Anthony and Anthony hugging the Assistant Director’s children. Here is a link to view all the pictures

Wow another wonderful gathering at the Dorcas Circle! Ladies I will do my very best to remember all that has been done. Again, I am blown away with all that is achieved.

  • First, special thanks goes out to Willa. She delivered Mother’s Day silk pin flowers to two nursing homes.
  • Bonnie made 2 adorable quilts to sell at Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique. Bonnie has color coded and organized all the quilts that we will be making for future boutiques, plus she is teaching others how to cut out Alternative Bags. This is a dire need.
  • We want to welcome April, just met her at church last week, to the Dorcas Circle. She was willing to help in anyway. She worked on the garland project, cutting jeans and YOYO.
  • Linda, I can’t count the ways of how much she does. She made demin coasters out of seams of Jeans as a Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique item. Jewelry bracelets for the boys graduating from high school camp.  Linda brought April to Dorcas Circle!
  • Maxine completed an adorable Noah’s Ark vest! Cute as usual. She learned to make a tote bag and made a Christmas Story Fabric book to sell Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique.
  • Missionary Mormans worked on Fall Pillows and Alternative bags.
  • Fawn making Yoyo.
  • Marlitt, flew in from Peru, did sewing of Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique items.
  • Monica working on the demin purse. These are not easy to make and Monica has been very patient.
  • Monica’s girls and son working on jewelry and entertaining Dolly.
  • Ella playing with Dolly in the pool!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dorcas Circle April 28th

I want to especially thank last week:

  • Hilda making Chair Hanger and Patriotic Vest doing binding on baby quilt
  • Memri working on Alternative Bags
  • Bonnie getting quilts ready for future boutiques
  • Linda organizing the boutique
  • Morman Missionaries working on boutique items
  • Monica making an apron
  • Willa pricing boutique items
  • Linda organizing boutique
  • Fawn working on Alternative Bags. She is a newbie and we hope to see her in the future.
Also enclosed please see a picture of a quilt Bonnie made at home and it was sold Saturday. There is also a picture of me and two campers, who are now adults. I went to the First Alumni of Julian Oaks and it was beyond a blessing. It was wonderful to see how the Lord brought back these campers and how much improvement has been done at Julian Oaks. I had a good time talking with everyone and catching up on their lives. Check out Facebook
At to see more pictures of this camp. You do not need to be a part of facebook to see the photos.