Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas at Camp Julian Oaks 2013
Thanks ladies for making this happen.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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El Dede, head of Camino Quilters Cuddle Quilts came to my house with about 75 quilts to be donated to the nursing home for the up coming winter months. I was beyond blessed. Their quilts are so beautiful and a long arm quilting machine was used to put the layers together.

If you guys can get the word out, they would really use batting. I told Dede I would continue to give her supplies for their Cuddle Quilts.

This organization is beyond wonderful and I appreciate so much that these lap quilts will be used in the nursing homes and for summer camp for the campers.

Below please enjoy the picture of all the quilts these wonderful gals gave to me to distribute to Camp and Nursing Homes!

Thank you  El Camino Quilters Cuddle Quilts

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The El Camino Quilters has donated 66 lap blankets to the Dorcas Circle. These ladies have beyond blessed me and the San Diego County as well.

I went up in my attic and had enough gifts to give Tony and Tina at Camp Julian Oaks Christmas Gifts for the campers. YEA! Many of those gifts were done by Linda Anselm
with all knitted fingerless gloves, mittens, hats and scarves done by Michele Johnson.  I threw in a few demin purses mostly done by Bonnie.

Also so many quilts have been provided that this summer for Camp Julian Oaks all the lap blankets and pillows will be given out to the Elementary Summer Camp of 2014. YEA! Done.

Also up in my attic I had lots of Christmas pillows with cute reindeer, lap blankets and the woven lap blankets I made. These were given to 2 small nursing homes all wrapped and ready.

Bonnie, Teri and I did entertainment at the  Camp Julian Oak Fall Fundraiser.  We had a fiber learning center.  The FOO committee and many wonderful people made this fund raiser a BIG success. I am so happy to say that $14,000.00 was brought into camp to bless the abused and neglected children of San Diego County!

What I do have on  the agenda for our next project is Valentine and Easter Pillows for the nursing homes. We have plenty of fabric and fiberfill to make that happen.  We also need to make more craft kits for the next Barbeque Fundraiser. 

I will shoot of an e-mail after Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years are done to give more updates.

Below are several pictures of the Fiber Arts Booth at Camp.

Have a Thankful Thanksgiving, A very Merry Christmas, and may 2014 bring forth joy in your lives(:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I want to give a special thanks to:
  • Jeannie Richardson and her children help stuff and do embroidery on the fabric Pumpkins that will be as decorations and for sale at  Julian Oaks' Autumn Barbeque Fundraiser which is October 26th of this year.
  • Monica and her children worked on the pumpkins also.
  • Bonnie sew a lot of pillows for nursing angel tree.
  • Michele Johnson came and stuffed many of the pillows that Bonnie sewed.
  • It was so wonderful to see Jessica Cato. She gave me a direction on the pillows, lap blankets and quilts that Dorcas Circle has done for so many years for Angel Tree Gifts. Her enthusiasm for what we had to offer was a blessing especially to me.
  • Teri and Monica and Terran have been going up to camp and doing the camp craft which is going well. Keep camp and them up in prayer for the next 2 camps following camps below:

July 22-26, 2013
  • Jr. High Summer Camp, Session 3
August 5-9, 2013
  • Elementary School Summer Camp, Session #4
Our next Dorcas Circle will be September 11 1-8PM. Will send a reminder e-mail before that date.

Thanks everyone without you we could not keep on blessing the widows and orphans of our community.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I now own a 4 Shaft Loom and I made these 8 lap blankets for the nursing home.  4th of July pillows were passed out at various homes.

Camp Craft this summer was taken over by Teri Cutler and Monica. The first camp went very well.

Dorcas Circle meets every other month and we are using up the supplies to continue making pillows for the homes.

Pumpkins are being made for the Harvest Festival Funraiser as decorations and to sell as well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We had our November Dorcas Circle and a lot was accomplished with the new hours 1-8:30PM on a new day Wednesday. We had 2 new ladies come that are very excited about our group and totally worked hard on the projects I gave them.

  • Judy our new lady worked on the Demin Quilts
  • Kim our other new gal did LOTS of cutting and wrapping Christmas gifts for the nursing home Angel Tree
  • Bonnie did demin quilts
  • Monica continued cutting out demin quilts and the cutting is finally done. A job well done by Monica!
  • Bonnie and Monica had a fun time color coordinating the pumpkins we will be sell at the Autumn Fundraiser at Julian Oaks October 2013
My biggest treat was Linda came over with 12 mittens black and gray made for the male campers. They now have caps and mittens to keep them warm at the December camp. She brought along her new puppy Hope. Below see the picture of Linda and Hope. Linda is very busy with Hope but it was a treat to have her down here to catch up on what was going on in our lives. Thanks Linda for all your hard work on all the hours of knitting you have done to bless the campers!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

There is a lot going on with Dorcas Circle.  First of all we went to the Fiber Festival in Vista and had a wonderful time. There was a great children's craft there that we plan to use as a fundraiser and fun project to do with the children. It is making a key chain or bracelet out of cotton yarn. The braid is called  Japanese Braiding the Art of Kumihimo. It was so simple and fun to do. The children at the festival loved. it.  Bonnie and Hilda spent their time making kits for the craft, which we will sell for $3.00 a kit. Bonnie will be teaching that at the Camp Barbeque Fundraiser. Thanks Bonnie and Hilda for all your hard work. The kits are beyond wonderful.

We were donated TONS of fabric from Disneyland. I talked Mickey Mouse into it. HAHA. Actually the summer cook is friends with a nurse who works at Disneyland it was was left over of fabric they used to make costumes with. Bonnie was so kind to help me sort through a mountain of fabric that I was drowning in. THANKS Bonnie! We are giving a lot back to the community. Some will go to Maxine who is responsible for the Alternative Pregnancy layette bags. We took what we could use for Dorcas Circle. There were gigantic pieces of felt which is great for Camp's skits and lastly I just dropped off 6 bags and boxes to April.  Those of you who went to the Dorcas Retreat got to meet the lovely April. She teaches the girls at San Pasqual Academy how to make quilts. There is a Grandma's Club there, which has retired people work 40 hours a month, teaching the students extra curriculum activities. I am so happy April who is young is passing these skills on to the next generation. She does this as a volunteer. Yea, April.

Now the fun part. Bonnie and I went to a quilt shop called "Fat Quarter's" in Vista who taught us how to make Fabric Pumpkins. They are so cute. It was a fun project to make. There is a good chance that we can make them for 2014 Barbecue Fall Fundraiser as centerpieces for next years event. I need to speak to Tina and the decorations person next year to get more info on how to go on this one.

I also got a box together for Monica to do pillows with her girls for all the holidays in 2013. Thanks Monica for this undertaking.

Please keep the following in prayer:
The BIG Autumn Fundraiser which is October 27th. We really need to sell more stuff and we hope to attract people to our booth to make more money for camp.
April and all she does at San Pasqual to better the youth!

I will remind you all of the next gathering which is November 14th 1-8:30PM.