Thursday, July 7, 2011

CHRISTMAS IN JULY Dorcas Circle July 7, 2011

The Dorcas Circle celebrated its first Christmas in July. Actually it was everyone's first Christmas in July. From the very young to the oldest of us. We worked like a team to bless the Widows and Orphans of our Society by wrapping Christmas gifts. Memri provided brownies, Willa provided cookies, coffee and drinks. Marlitt provided soft drinks. We had the children stuff pillows, make YOYO's while Christmas music played in the background. We had some reindeer antlers to wear with small Christmas lights in them. We put reindeer with the handmade pillow. The Morman Missionaries wrapped the gifts for the Campers for Christmas. Bonnie and Monica worked on quilts while Fawn organized binding. Also all the girls hand sewed YOYO. One little girl loved sewing so much that I gave her some fabric to bring home to make more YOYO. I could see how interested she was in sewing. That brought joy to my heart to pass the craft on to the next generation. Monica got to learn how to bind a quilt in the sewing room. The girls took a break and had fun eating cookies, brownies and soda.

Wrapping Christmas Gifts for Campers

Wow look at all those Christmas Gifts

Monica Learning Binding

Girls making YOYO a Hand Sewing Project

Linda and Memri sewing pillows after being stuffed

Getting Ready to Wrap a Gift

Bonnie is showing Marlitt how to put on Binding on a Quilt

Having fun with the desserts

Marlitt working on pillows

Fawn organizing binding

Girls stuffing Christmas Pillows

Yea, my first YOYO

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