Wednesday, March 30, 2011



She is pretty, extremely talented, gets the job done and my favorite color.  I know you guys will want to meet Cynthia.

I give the honor and thanks to Cynthia Tassell. She has kindly donated an old metal White model and went the extra mile and had her dolled up. Meaning, Cynthia paid all maintenance and repairs for her.  That is why she has the name Cynthia. Cynthia Tassell has been to Dorcas a few times but now lives in Texas. She will always pass through help and through the years has generously donated her financial sources in the past.  I will not disclose that information because Cynthia is a very humble gal gives and meets all needs. She is full of energy and her passion is to be used by the Lord.

Cynthia Dorcas Circle  thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Focusing on the Boutique for May 13 and 14th 2011

Wow!!!!! All I can say  is: This was probably one of my favorite Dorcas Days! A lot got done. What would I do without you wonderful ladies

Marlitt 2 more hats made. Marlitt also had the ladies at her church complete 20 Alternative Tote Bags. I was beyond blown away. Maxine will be a very happy camper when she sees this.
  • Sister Bomgarden working very hard on the demin purses. She is learning new skills and I am so happy to teach her that. These purses are so unique and will sell for about $45.00 each
  • A new Sister has joined the group and she learned to tie quits and worked on the garland project.
  • Leslie, a college student on break, came and tied Sonia’s quilt quilt and the baby quilt plus did a potpourri bag
  • Karen came and did an apron with pockets, her machine was on good  behavior
  • Memri came in and organized all the buttons. This helps out sooo much thanks Memri
  • Linda, the most devoted one, came down the hill and prepared demin aprons, cut out fishermen’s caps, donated lots of stuff relating to jewelry to donate to us. She totally completed the button project, and filled the potpourri bags again. She gave me this suitcase that is beyond organized. I am using it as wel speak.
  • Hilda used her sewing skills by making an apron from a kit and making the fishermen’s hat.
  • Bonnie finished the Fishermen’s Quilt and it came out wonderful!
  Also all my sewing machines cooperated. That is amazing on its own.

Our Dorcas Boutique will be at the Rummage Sale at church promoting Julian Oaks and of course we will be at Julian Oak’s first  Spring Fund Raiser. This all happens in May that is why we are working so hard on boutique items. When June comes, we can take a breather.

Bonnie, Linda and I went to the Mormon Church in Valley Center to tell them about the Dorcas Circle. Those ladies were busy working on the tote bags and 4 other projects as well. We were welcomed very nicely and they allowed me to tell what I do in my home and to pass the word out that we can always use help.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beads Buttons read below and find out why

Our focus right now is on Esther's Court a spring fundraiser that Camp Julian Oaks will be doing. We will have our Dorcas Boutique up there and are making items to sell at the boutique to help this fundraiser. The church will have a garage sale and we got special permission to sell items there as well.  This is a BIG blessing because having people see our items means more funds for camp.

A special thanks to:
  • Willa potpourri sachets
  • Linda major hand sewing on the demin purses
  • Bonnie cutting up squares for Sonia's quilt. Bonnie designed and help make more  potpourri sachets. She is working on a fishermen's quilt at home to see at Esther's Court. We want to get this money and be a sponsorship for Esther's Court
  • Monica putting binding on a baby quilt
  • Monica's 2 daugher organizing buttons. This is a job that really helps out and we appreciate her girls doing this.
  • Cynthia Tassel has donated an old White Machine. She is willing to pay for all the repairs on this machine to get it running. This is a hugh blessing that Cynthia is doing for the Dorcas Circle.
  • We also have to 2 Morman Missionaries who are using their talents to make very unique demin purses. We have appreciated the talents and skills. One of the girls will be leaving us and she will be missed.
  • I want to give a special thanks to Marlitt who came over Monday and made 2 Charger Hats
  • A big special thanks to Linda who is donated A LOT of beads for jewelry making. We need lots of simple necklasses made and Linda will show those who want to help in this area. This is a wonderful project for children to do. Thanks Linda for being so generous to give us this opportunity to use the beads. This will help a lot of of the ministries.
Below is Sonia's quilt. It needs tying done. This is simple to do and would really help out. We also need the baby quilt tied. We have various other projects to add to the boutique and can really use everyone's help. All skill levels welcomed. We have very simple stuff to do as well.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Projects to work on for March 17th

Sonia's Quilt
Organize Buttons
1 Girl's Baby Qult
Cut Aprons
12 potporri bags to make
Salvation Braclettes
YOYO Project
Demin Apron
Christmas Garland
2 Purses to finish decorating

March 10, 2010 Dorcas Gathering

Last week was awesome. I love when ladies learn how to do something new yet make items for Tabitha's Boutique! I also love to delegate out.

Thanks to:
  • Hilda (our newbee for the 2nd time)  who made and apron and taught 2 other ladies how to make an apron.
  • Memri thanks for making the apron
  • Karen (not me) thanks for making the apron
  • Marlitt, making potholders, this was wonderful for Marlitt because she learned quilting and binding. I love her eager spirit to learn. Marlitt is now educated to make a complete quilt.
  • Linda organizing lavender bags and cutting new aprons out
  • Bonnie organizing the fishermen's quilt and helping us ladies with our sewing problems.

Also ladies I will be taking a leadership seminar at our church. I was sent a special letter by a Pastor's Wife who invited me to become a better leader. I know the Lord has called me to lead and be organized. This will be exciting to be a better leader to you guys and being a leader me becoming a servant. I am excited to see what the Lord will teach me taking this seminar.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Camp Gifts are done YEA!

We are meeting all our goals. Yes, I was exhausted after the clean up on Thursday evening but….. I was beyond bless to put the completed projects up in my attic:

Julian Oaks Caps for Junior High Camp 2011 (25)
Demin Purses for HS Christmas Camp (12)
Boy’s blankets for HS Christmas Camp (12)

Julian Oaks Camp is having a Fashion Show  5/14/11 Saturday and the Dorcas Circle is involved in the following way: Making Boutique items for Tabitha’s Treasures.  I have lined up projects for the 10th of March to work on. We also need to complete some fleece scarves.

  1. Lavender bags for boutique
  2. Simple Aprons
  3. Simple hot pads (plus you can learn binding on a quilt for those who want to be challenged.
  4. Walker Hangers (ask Willa)
  5. Marlitt is taking (15 Alternative Bags) for her church to do one evening. (Thanks Marlitt for organizing this event)
  6. We have a men’s quilt to get started on for the sewer. Mostly putting boarders on it. Then quilting it together with a binding.
 A special thanks to:
  • The Mormon missionaries who used their talents and creativity to make demin purses to sell at Esther’s Court Fashion Show.
  • Marlitt who completed the last demin purse for the High School Camp
  • Cynthia (from Texas and she used to come to Dorcas) help complete the boy’s quilts
  • Linda help complete the boy’s quilts
  • Willa help complete the boy’s quilts
  • Monica lavender bags and had Ellie (her puppy) and her daughters exercise Dolly
  • Hilda (our new lady) work on the lavender bags
  • Bonnie designing cutting out and organizing the lavender bags

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spinning and Spinning

Wow life has been certainly busy but fun!!!! Really getting into spinning and meeting folks who  are experts on this subject. I like the whole earth to a pair of socks and the process to go there.

Also very happy with our Ladies Bible Study and Bonnie and I present the Dorcas Circle. There was a large group of ladies and we had 20 minutes to explain ALL we do. Good response for the ladies. It was a great evening.

Dorcas  Will be Thursday  and we are all excited to proceed to our new projects to bless the widows and orphans of our society. Marlit will be especially here to bring tote bags to give to her church to make and we will give to Alternatives to pass out to the ladies expecting babies that would have possibly aborted them.

Anyways, I am super late in writing this so Thursday March 3 1-5PM please help us out on our mission and Bonnie and I will share our spinning process and how Stitches went!