Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beads Buttons read below and find out why

Our focus right now is on Esther's Court a spring fundraiser that Camp Julian Oaks will be doing. We will have our Dorcas Boutique up there and are making items to sell at the boutique to help this fundraiser. The church will have a garage sale and we got special permission to sell items there as well.  This is a BIG blessing because having people see our items means more funds for camp.

A special thanks to:
  • Willa potpourri sachets
  • Linda major hand sewing on the demin purses
  • Bonnie cutting up squares for Sonia's quilt. Bonnie designed and help make more  potpourri sachets. She is working on a fishermen's quilt at home to see at Esther's Court. We want to get this money and be a sponsorship for Esther's Court
  • Monica putting binding on a baby quilt
  • Monica's 2 daugher organizing buttons. This is a job that really helps out and we appreciate her girls doing this.
  • Cynthia Tassel has donated an old White Machine. She is willing to pay for all the repairs on this machine to get it running. This is a hugh blessing that Cynthia is doing for the Dorcas Circle.
  • We also have to 2 Morman Missionaries who are using their talents to make very unique demin purses. We have appreciated the talents and skills. One of the girls will be leaving us and she will be missed.
  • I want to give a special thanks to Marlitt who came over Monday and made 2 Charger Hats
  • A big special thanks to Linda who is donated A LOT of beads for jewelry making. We need lots of simple necklasses made and Linda will show those who want to help in this area. This is a wonderful project for children to do. Thanks Linda for being so generous to give us this opportunity to use the beads. This will help a lot of of the ministries.
Below is Sonia's quilt. It needs tying done. This is simple to do and would really help out. We also need the baby quilt tied. We have various other projects to add to the boutique and can really use everyone's help. All skill levels welcomed. We have very simple stuff to do as well.

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