Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spinning and Spinning

Wow life has been certainly busy but fun!!!! Really getting into spinning and meeting folks who  are experts on this subject. I like the whole earth to a pair of socks and the process to go there.

Also very happy with our Ladies Bible Study and Bonnie and I present the Dorcas Circle. There was a large group of ladies and we had 20 minutes to explain ALL we do. Good response for the ladies. It was a great evening.

Dorcas  Will be Thursday  and we are all excited to proceed to our new projects to bless the widows and orphans of our society. Marlit will be especially here to bring tote bags to give to her church to make and we will give to Alternatives to pass out to the ladies expecting babies that would have possibly aborted them.

Anyways, I am super late in writing this so Thursday March 3 1-5PM please help us out on our mission and Bonnie and I will share our spinning process and how Stitches went!

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