Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dorcas Circle for last week in June

A special thanks to:

Mormon Missionaries as they completed Jeff’s quilt. YEA.
Mormon Missionaries working on children’s quilts for Russia and camp.
Willa working on Bibs for nursing home
Marlitt working on bibs and quilts
Bonnie working on Boutique Quilts
Monica working on Boutique Quilts
Linda doing Jeff’s Quilt, jewelry and bibs.
Two new young ladies joined us Nicole and Laura who work on jewelry for nursing home residences.

Our next Dorcas Circle is next Thursday July 7th. We will be celebrating but working on Christmas Gifts for the Elderly and Camp. We need help stuffing pillows and wrapping gifts up. I will do my best to have Christmas Music.

Cookies and beverage provided. Have your first Merry Christmas in July as we do Christmas in July.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 9th Gathering next one on 16th

Hi Gathers,

Last week was great! Willa appreciates all you did to help the nursing home ministry with various projects.

  • Bonnie running around and helping put out project fires. Finished Noah’s Art quilt and Memri bought it from the Boutique. Thanks Memri for you donation to Camp and Bonnie your hard work of putting the binding on the quilt.
  • April writing “Jesus Love Me” in Russian on the back of Baby quilts for Russia. Cutting out adult baby bibs for the homes.
  • Linda cutting out baby bibs for the homes.
  • Linda knitting mittens for boutique.
  • Memri working on Embroidery quilt
  • Monica, steadily working on Jeff’s quilt that will bring in $100.00 to pay for the rest of the curtain project at JOY Camp.
  • Ella keeping Dolly occupied.
  • Willa present projects that we can do for the homes plus designing and making walker bags with a cheerful spirit.
Below, please see me with a fun project. Rosemary, from the “You are loved Doll Ministry” donated these cute little Monster Dolls that need to be dressed.  For those of you who do not sew, we could use some dressing done. May made all the monster clothes through out the year and now we get to use them. Thanks May

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dorcas Circle Gathering on June 2nd!

Wow Ladies.
We can now breath. Do you realize we did all of this:


1)      YOYO Crosses (Hand Sewing)
2)      Pillows for Elderly for 4th of July 2011
3)      Salvation Brackets
4)      Cards for the Elderly
5)      Wheel Chair Walker Hangers*
6)      Small Nursing Home Tote Bags
7)      Layette Bags for Alternatives (cutting only)
8)      Julian Oaks Demin Purses for Christmas Camp *
9)      Demin Quilt we need people to cut to cut (8X8 Squares) Julian Oaks Christmas Camp
10)              4 Julian Oaks boys quilts to piece and put together*
11)              Booties for Russia
12)              Flannel Baby Quilts for Russia*
13)              Organizing Fabric
14)              Julian Oaks Caps for Junior High Camp Due in July 2011*
15)              Organizing of Fabric
16)              Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique Items all due in October 2011:
i)  Christmas Aprons, Potholders and Mitts*
ii)Christmas Story Book*
iii)     Christmas Vest*
iv)   Christmas Garland (simple tying project)
v)     Men’s Fishing Quilt*
vi)   Baby Quilts* (3)
vii) Scarecrow*
viii)      Farmer’s Quilt*
ix)     Christmas Quilts (2)
x)      Demin Purses*
xi)     Always looking for handmade items for Tabitha’s Treasures

Plus curtains 13 Curtains for Virgina House and 8 Curtains for Hogans Cabin! And we also did Esther’s Court plus the Rummage Sale last minute!

Without all of you this list would not be done. I can get stressed out on a Dorcas day, but not due to you beautiful, wonderful ladies, just the stress of putting out the fires of problem machines.

A special thanks to the ladies who helped out last Thursday June 2nd:

  • Willa Curtains
  • Bonnie Curtains
  • Mormon Lady Curtains
  • Marlitt Curtains
  • Linda Curtains
  • Monica Curtains and Binding on Baby Noah Ark Quilt
  • April YOYO and Garland Projects. Plus Cleaning and Organizing
  • Mormon Lady Russia Quilt
  • Linda and Bean cutting up squares for Jeff’s Quilt

THANKS Again Ladies.

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