Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Julian Oaks 4-6 Grade Camp Craft and Gifts made by the Dorcas Circle

The Dorcas Circle went to camp to do the craft. This camp was special because the Dorcas Girls got to pass out quilts and caps. And the item that had the most love and hard work put in to it were the
Dolls, made by the Doll Ministry that Rosemary runs and does a super job.

We had enough items to pass out that we let the campers pick 2. They knew they were special because I said we are giving the most gifts to this camp. It was fun as the campers ran up to get their gifts. One camper shared how he still has his backpack from last year and how he uses it. He told me everything about his backpack from the previous year. Another camper shared how much he loves to do the craft and it was their first time, and he want to come next year to do another craft.

 My most wonderful Dorcas Ladies (Linda, Teri (who does life guarding after the craft), and Bonnie) faithfully come up each week to make this possible. Without all your giving up of your valuable time, the craft and gifts would not be so such a blessing to the campers. Thanks to all the ladies who have done prep work for the craft and gift items.

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