Monday, August 8, 2011

We want to welcome Keri to the Dorcas Circle

 I got her August 7 2011 and spend this afternoon dolling her up to bring to Camp Julian Oaks for the camp craft on the 9th

 She is a Kenmore and runs like a charm. I dusted her off cleaned her really good inside and outside ran her to get the oil all over her gears. She was pretty easy to figure out how to thread. She is 30 years old all metal, my favorite, and very sturdy. She can do zigzag and straight. She has other fancy stitches but she totally meets the needs of the Dorcas Circle with zigzag and straight. I can do the maintenance on her and she is not computerized or like those plastic junky fancy machines you buy at Joannes or Walmart. She is a perfect match for the Dorcas Circle. Can't wait for all of you to meet her. She was donated by Keri Wise. It was her childhood machine since 10 years old. Keri goes to our church and her husband, Joe, runs the nursery. Make sure to give them a BIG thanks!!!

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