Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dorcas Circle August 18 2011 Thursday

Thanks to:
  • Willa working on walker hangers
  • Linda making mittens for the boutique
  • Mormon Missionaries working on JOY Quilts
  • I am working on a quilt for the boutique
Just to let you guys know ahead of time: I will be on vacation in September 15 and  22. There will be no Dorcas Circle. Also Dorcas Circle is planning a field trip to go to a Llama Ranch in October. Bonnie and I are really getting into processing a fleece and spinning yarn. I met a woman who owns 50 Llamas and she invited us over to enjoy her animals. I was planning to do this October 1st or 22nd. It has to be on a Saturday because she works. She is a very nice lady and said I could bring friends up. Willa, Bonnie, Linda and me are going. See her ranch at:

We can carpool up.

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