Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I want to give a special thanks to:
  • Jeannie Richardson and her children help stuff and do embroidery on the fabric Pumpkins that will be as decorations and for sale at  Julian Oaks' Autumn Barbeque Fundraiser which is October 26th of this year.
  • Monica and her children worked on the pumpkins also.
  • Bonnie sew a lot of pillows for nursing angel tree.
  • Michele Johnson came and stuffed many of the pillows that Bonnie sewed.
  • It was so wonderful to see Jessica Cato. She gave me a direction on the pillows, lap blankets and quilts that Dorcas Circle has done for so many years for Angel Tree Gifts. Her enthusiasm for what we had to offer was a blessing especially to me.
  • Teri and Monica and Terran have been going up to camp and doing the camp craft which is going well. Keep camp and them up in prayer for the next 2 camps following camps below:

July 22-26, 2013
  • Jr. High Summer Camp, Session 3
August 5-9, 2013
  • Elementary School Summer Camp, Session #4
Our next Dorcas Circle will be September 11 1-8PM. Will send a reminder e-mail before that date.

Thanks everyone without you we could not keep on blessing the widows and orphans of our community.

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