Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dorcas Circle Gathering on July 21 2011

We had a wonderful gathering last week. I want to thank:

  • Willa making 2 bibs and informing me what needs to be done to meet the widows needs.
  • Monica completing her first quilt. She did an wonderful job on the binding. The most difficult part. The Indian Quilt is done and is a unique treasure to add to Tabitha's Treasures.
  • Bonnie completed the Christmas Baby Quilt. A unique one. Any mother would treasure for their baby's first Christmas.
  • Linda making a beautiful felted purse. Linda is so unique with developing short cuts while making a project look wonderful. I am tempted to buy this one.
  • Our 2 Mormon Missionaries came. This may be their last week and Linda spent a little time teaching them to knit. Thanks Linda
  • Our youngest lady, Trudy, I was soooo impressed with. She is beyond a quick learner and work the WHOLE time. She cut out around 20 bibs to bless the nursing homes with. This is an essential item for the residences.

Dolly and I had a wonderful time at Crestview Manor with the residences  to discuss the Dorcas Circle. They are so grateful for all of you who have donated your time to make handmade items for them. Without you ladies, they would not be so blessed. Thanks again from Crestview and me.

Please keep Bonnie, Linda and I in prayer. We will be at Julian Oaks this week passing out Monster Dolls, Quits and Hats. Will have pictures later. So far every camp has been wonderful to doing the craft time with us. Linda has done a wonderful job organizing the jewelry and campers come to that as well.

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