Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dorcas Circle Gathering on June 2nd!

Wow Ladies.
We can now breath. Do you realize we did all of this:


1)      YOYO Crosses (Hand Sewing)
2)      Pillows for Elderly for 4th of July 2011
3)      Salvation Brackets
4)      Cards for the Elderly
5)      Wheel Chair Walker Hangers*
6)      Small Nursing Home Tote Bags
7)      Layette Bags for Alternatives (cutting only)
8)      Julian Oaks Demin Purses for Christmas Camp *
9)      Demin Quilt we need people to cut to cut (8X8 Squares) Julian Oaks Christmas Camp
10)              4 Julian Oaks boys quilts to piece and put together*
11)              Booties for Russia
12)              Flannel Baby Quilts for Russia*
13)              Organizing Fabric
14)              Julian Oaks Caps for Junior High Camp Due in July 2011*
15)              Organizing of Fabric
16)              Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique Items all due in October 2011:
i)  Christmas Aprons, Potholders and Mitts*
ii)Christmas Story Book*
iii)     Christmas Vest*
iv)   Christmas Garland (simple tying project)
v)     Men’s Fishing Quilt*
vi)   Baby Quilts* (3)
vii) Scarecrow*
viii)      Farmer’s Quilt*
ix)     Christmas Quilts (2)
x)      Demin Purses*
xi)     Always looking for handmade items for Tabitha’s Treasures

Plus curtains 13 Curtains for Virgina House and 8 Curtains for Hogans Cabin! And we also did Esther’s Court plus the Rummage Sale last minute!

Without all of you this list would not be done. I can get stressed out on a Dorcas day, but not due to you beautiful, wonderful ladies, just the stress of putting out the fires of problem machines.

A special thanks to the ladies who helped out last Thursday June 2nd:

  • Willa Curtains
  • Bonnie Curtains
  • Mormon Lady Curtains
  • Marlitt Curtains
  • Linda Curtains
  • Monica Curtains and Binding on Baby Noah Ark Quilt
  • April YOYO and Garland Projects. Plus Cleaning and Organizing
  • Mormon Lady Russia Quilt
  • Linda and Bean cutting up squares for Jeff’s Quilt

THANKS Again Ladies.

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