Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome Home Antonio

Friday night the 7th. Frank and I got to go to the Airport with a bunch of Julian Oaks Camp folks and greet a camper/soldier a warm welcome. It was such a blessing holding the signs and cheering in Antonio! I have 2 pictures that are beyond precious to me.  Anthony and Anthony hugging the Assistant Director’s children. Here is a link to view all the pictures

Wow another wonderful gathering at the Dorcas Circle! Ladies I will do my very best to remember all that has been done. Again, I am blown away with all that is achieved.

  • First, special thanks goes out to Willa. She delivered Mother’s Day silk pin flowers to two nursing homes.
  • Bonnie made 2 adorable quilts to sell at Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique. Bonnie has color coded and organized all the quilts that we will be making for future boutiques, plus she is teaching others how to cut out Alternative Bags. This is a dire need.
  • We want to welcome April, just met her at church last week, to the Dorcas Circle. She was willing to help in anyway. She worked on the garland project, cutting jeans and YOYO.
  • Linda, I can’t count the ways of how much she does. She made demin coasters out of seams of Jeans as a Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique item. Jewelry bracelets for the boys graduating from high school camp.  Linda brought April to Dorcas Circle!
  • Maxine completed an adorable Noah’s Ark vest! Cute as usual. She learned to make a tote bag and made a Christmas Story Fabric book to sell Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique.
  • Missionary Mormans worked on Fall Pillows and Alternative bags.
  • Fawn making Yoyo.
  • Marlitt, flew in from Peru, did sewing of Tabitha’s Treasures Boutique items.
  • Monica working on the demin purse. These are not easy to make and Monica has been very patient.
  • Monica’s girls and son working on jewelry and entertaining Dolly.
  • Ella playing with Dolly in the pool!

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