Saturday, March 31, 2012

April 5th we will have a Dorcas Circle.

Hi Ladies,

Would like to give a special thanks to:
  • Bonnie working on Alternative Bags for a church that is having a baby shower to fill baby supplies for Alternative Pregnancy Center
  • Hilda working on Quilts for camp

On the first Thursday of each month  Dorcas Circle will be having a short devotional that Bonnie suggested  and Monica is excited to start. We want to star it when everyone has arrived. It is called "By His Pattern" by Gwen Ellis. I have a picture of it at the bottom of the e-mail.  It is a devotional book for Needlework Lovers (Hands and Heart Devotional). The devotionals are to enjoy scripture, story illustration, questions to think about, the prayer, and the needlework tips.

Also keep Hilda in prayer she is going into surgery on the day we do Dorcas Circle. She is happy the day has arrived that she can finally have this surgery done.
Due to the high gas prices, Linda and Monica will be coming only once a month.

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