Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ground Hogs Day 2/2 Dorcas Circle Met

Bonnie and I decided last minute to get together on Ground Hogs Day to do a Dorcas Circle on our own.

 I have TONS of denim pants and we decided to make quilts out of them. Bonnie figured out where to cut and place the strips. I sewed it up. These quilts came out adorable. Please see photo below. They take time to cut and place the squares so Bonnie will do that.  I think Monica will handle this task well too. The sewing, putting backing on and tying the quilt went fast. We can tell this will make a BIG project. That is why we are designing now to have it prepared for Christmas Camp 2013. I went through all the quilts that were color coordinated and I cut batting backing to all of them. So we have lots of quilts to sew for 2012 Christmas and the 4-6 grade campers summer 2012 camps. 

I am feeling much better but not pushing it. Willa was in the hospital and is doing better there. Linda is getting better too, she was hit bad with sciatic then this brutal cold. Lord willing, I will see you all again. You were greatly missed by me.

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