Monday, May 7, 2012

Bonnie did the devotional.
Michele prayed before we began our projects.

The Dorcas Circle went very well. We want to thank:

Michele for making Salvation Braclettes and taking home scarves to crochet
Monica preparing two demin quilts
Bonnie helping other with sewing
Terese making Salvation Braclettes
Trudy make Christmas Bags for Christmas Camp
Karen working on a JOY Shirt to bring more money to camp.

Remember our next Dorcas Circle is June 7th the first Thursday of June 1-5PM.

Lastly, one of our adult campers passed away his name was Lee Houston. Please keep his family and campers in prayer. This is a BIG loss and Lee was very special especially his love for the Lord. Lee is on the right of Nick Massa, son's director from camp. The last time I saw lee he gave his Testimony and love for Jesus. I will never forget the zeal this young man had for the Lord. He is probably dancing in heaven and worshiping Jesus at the same time.

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