Thursday, February 3, 2011

February's Gathering and doing the Math of projects to done and be done.

Here comes the accounting for what has been done and what needs to be done:
55 Christmas Pillows are in the attic ready for stuffing and a reindeer attached. I also found 5 more reindeer Christmas pillows that are completed. That gives us 60 pillows.

The tote bags for the elderly Christmas 2011 are totally done about 30 of them
The wheel chair Walker Hangers are completely done which is about 30 of them.

The JOY camps caps have 25 completed! These are for the Junior High Camp. Way to go ladies, this was a challenge.

The 4-6 grader summer camps have:
10 Blankets made. We need a total of 12 done
May is working on the 12 boy's clothes and Rosemary's girls will make the monster dolls.
So what that all means is we need to make 2 more blankets to complete for this camp.

The Christmas High School 2011 Camp has :
12 Demin Purses made for the girl campers. Thanks Bonnie for doing at home.
5 Quilts are completed for the boys. We need 6 more done to complete that project.
We have extra really nice fleece to make scarves. They would be tied scarves. These could be done for the boys as well.

We will do 4th of July pillows next week with sewing and stuffing of them. These will be used for the nursing home.

There will also be another boutique in May on the 14th at Camp Julian Oaks. It will be a fashion show but Dorcas will pull out Tabitha's Treasure items to sell. After the quilts are done I want to teach Memri, Marlitt and the 2 Morman missionary girls how to make them. That is the plan for now.I hope I do not lose my 2 Morman Missionaries. They are so awesome!

Bonnie can continue cutting the alternative bags after that and Willa, Maria, Linda and others can sew them to help Alternative Pregnancy.

We do have lots of boutique items to be made. We have a man's quilt that would be nice to have done for the Boutique. It would make a great Father's Day Gift.

Ladies you are doing super. I appreciate your patience with me!

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