Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dorcas Circle: Thursday-15, Camper's Picnic, Maxine pays Booth Rental for Tabitha's Treasures

Lots of happenings at the Dorcas Circle. We had an extremely productive week. I want to thank:

  • Monica for bring the Olson girls and her daughters. These girls totally organized my Camp Julian Oaks Summer Craft. It was such a mess now it is totally organized. They also folded fabric and made YOYO. You girls did an awesome job!!!! Thanks.
  • Bonnie JOY Quilt
  • Morman Missionaries Hopkins and Tubb  Quilts
  • Monica Boutique  Christmas Quilt
  • Linda making wonderful caps and mittens for camp
  • Memri dropping off 9X9 squares for future quilts.
  • Willa working on walker hangers and bibs
We have some really big news. Escondido High Schoool will have Future Farmers of America Fundraiser Oct 15 and Maxine has paid for a Booth fee so we can have our Tabitha's Treasures Boutique. Thanks MAXINE!!

A very special thanks to Bonnie and Linda who helped at the camp picnic.  They are my 2 angels. I was busy communicating with campers who wanted to go to the picnic and barely helped with the craft. These two were awesome and took care of the craft and the salad that was in packages. I was busy with the campers and staff and I really appreciated their help. Below please find some really good pictures of my 2 angels in action.

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